Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Tute for sanitizer holder WTC

I made this one for a swap and I wanted to share how to make it so everyone else can spruce up their sanitizer holders too. You can add a little hook to it and attatch it to you kiddos backpacks, or purse handles, belt loops, keychains and so much more.

I started with a piece of fabric cut to 6"x3"
I also used a small piece of ribbon cut 2 1/2 inches

Fold it in half as shown

Fold in your side seams two times and stitch up both sides as shown.

Next, fold top and bottom (left and right edges) over twice and stitch.

Take your small piece of ribbon and place on good side of fabric with raw edges of ribbon lined up with side seam, it can overlap a bit and pin.

Fold in half good side to good side and stitch up side seams but not to the very edge but to the stitched line from earlier when you stitched the top and bottom edges.

Sew to red line indications, just to where you see the zig zag stichline in the below picture.

Now take a 2 safety pins and two pieces ribbon and poke through the end of ribbon and close pin.

Turn bag rightside out. Run safety pin through one side of bag top opening and around to the other side. Take your other piece ribbon and start on opposite side and run through top all around.
You will have this:

Tie your ends. Place Sanitizer in holder and close bag with strings and tie a bow. You are finished.