Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ice cream cone ornaments

I made these adorable ice cream ornaments for a craft show a few years ago and they were a big hit. You do need to be careful with the finished product as they are extremely delicate. I had one kid come up and grab an ornament and broke it instantly by squishing it.


Normal size ice cream cones or small one is you want to do minis

Tulip puff fabric paint bottle

Metalic ornament

Sead beads in variety of colors

Polyurethane Matte (made by Plaid in the craft paint section of most Hobby Stores)

Aleene's fast grab glue (maroon bottle)

First step is to paint the polyurethane on the cones very carefully and put several coats to seal. Next, glue ornament onto cone.

Drizzle fabric paint all over ball being careful not to add to much but let it drizzle down slowly.

Lastly, sprinkle seed beads and let dry. Pretty easy.

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