Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fish in a bag soap

I love these fishy soaps, my kids love them too. They are pretty easy to make but require several steps. Here is how I make mine. I use a retangular bag for this project. Get some clear melt and pour soap which can be found at most craft stores. I like to color the soap green or blue but very pale and I don't add much scent if any at all b/c kids have delicate skin.

So, melt your soap in the microwave add colore. Pour a small layer of soap into the bag, about 2inches. Next, use two clothes pins or clips and clip the bag to a bar of some sort so that the bag at the top stays open it's not bunched but so the soap will stay in a retangular shape. Let cool for about 5 minutes and once it starts getting sloshy you can place your rubber fish halfway into the soap at an angle or how you want. Let soap dry till hard. Once hardened spritz some rubbing alchol on the top layer of the soap. This step is very important for the adhesion of the next layer of soap. Melt your soap again and pour onto the bag soap and over the fish about another 2 inches or so. Hang again as before until completely hardened. Now you have yourself a fishy soap. The kids love to get clean so they can get to the center of that soap and snag the fish.

Kool Aid jammer watch

I wanted a Kool Aid jammer watch so this is what I came up with. I cut a pouch in half length wise and folded it over in half and then opened again and brough both outside ends in to meet the center line and then folded in half again. Stitch down each side, be sure to make two bands. Next fold over the link on the bracelet and sew across as it is doubled over itself. Do that on the other side. Next, add some sticky velcro to close it off. You could also add a d ring or snap if you like. Enjoy your new watch.

Ice cream cone ornaments

I made these adorable ice cream ornaments for a craft show a few years ago and they were a big hit. You do need to be careful with the finished product as they are extremely delicate. I had one kid come up and grab an ornament and broke it instantly by squishing it.


Normal size ice cream cones or small one is you want to do minis

Tulip puff fabric paint bottle

Metalic ornament

Sead beads in variety of colors

Polyurethane Matte (made by Plaid in the craft paint section of most Hobby Stores)

Aleene's fast grab glue (maroon bottle)

First step is to paint the polyurethane on the cones very carefully and put several coats to seal. Next, glue ornament onto cone.

Drizzle fabric paint all over ball being careful not to add to much but let it drizzle down slowly.

Lastly, sprinkle seed beads and let dry. Pretty easy.

How to make fabric labels

I make my own fabric labels using fabric printer sheets but you can also cut your fabric letter size and iron onto freezer paper and run through your printer. It's super easy. Open Word and choose the letter label size and just copy in your information and print. I cut mine out using my pinking shears so they don't fray and then you can either iron them on with Wonder Under or if you have the iron-on printer fabric sheets you just iron. You can also stitch them in if you like. I use these mostly for purses and haven't found the ink to fade but you don't wash purses to to often so it works out fine. Here is a pic of the set I made.

Juice pouch coin purse Tutorial

K, start with two empty, clean, and dry juice bags. I have been collecting these for months now so I have quite a few. If you don't have any just go buy a package and empty the contents by slitting the bottom and emptying into a pitcher and saving the drink for you. For those who have kids that have drunk them up you will need to slit very carefully the bottom of the bag and rinse with water and air dry or use a paper towel if you can't wait to get started.Decide which color you want for the outside and for the inside of your coin purse.

Now stitch down just the very top of the color bag you want as the main color. I used a zig-zag stitch and white thread. These bags are not forgiving so you can't re-do these, once stitched there is no ripping out seams and re-sewing. Fold down the other bag and stitch across the top.Place the smaller one wrong sides together and stitch around sides and bottom.

I used sticky back velcro for the closure. That's it, your finished. Hopefully I didn't leave anything out but if you have questions let me know.